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How important is it to fireproof your roof? That’s the question this blog post will answer. We’ll also provide tips for how to go about doing it, and what materials you should be using in order to keep your family safe from a potential disaster!

Let’s cover some of the vital info needed to fireproof your roof. Listed below are a few fundamentals:

-Plywood sheathing

-Metal roofing materials (as opposed to asphalt or wood)

-Fiberglass insulation board

These items can help keep your home safe from the dangers of fire. Visit our website for more information or to set up a free roof inspection and estimate on fireproofing your roof! Read on for more tips!

Asphalt shingles, wooden roofs, and other flammable roof coverings make it difficult to protect your house in case of a fire. Plywood sheathing is one way you can do that. A metal roof will also work wonders if installed correctly and made with durable material like aluminum; fiberglass insulation boards used underneath these surfaces will help seal everything up nicely as well. These three things working together can really increase your roof’s resistance to fire.

2. Why it's important to fireproof your roof

Now let’s talk about why fireproofing your roof is vitally important for your family and home’s safety. First and foremost, you’re protecting your home and family. If a fire occurs in the front of your house but is stopped at the roofline by something like plywood sheathing or metal flashing–if it’s installed properly–the inside will be saved from any smoke damage that could occur.

You also need to think about safety for yourself and others if an emergency happens. Having a roof on your home that is fire resistant cant buy you critical seconds in the event of a fire. This time might allow you to save your home by putting the fire out. Click here for another informative read on protecting your roof!

3. How to go about finding a trustworthy contractor to fireproof your roof

There are many roofing companies to choose from when wanting to replace your roof with a more fire-resistant roof. But, how do you know which company is the best to work with? One way to find out if a roofing contractor’s good or not is by doing your homework on them.

Check their Better Business Bureau profile and other reviews online. You can also call up your city inspector department for references of companies in town that are licensed, contractors. Ask about any complaints they might have had from customers before signing anything.

In conclusion, fireproofing your roof can add an extra layer of protection for your family and your belongings. Local Quality Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor based out of the Raleigh NC area. With decades of experience, we are ready to serve all your roofing needs! Contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call by clicking the call now button above!

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