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Imagine a society where the roofs over our heads don’t damage the environment. A world where we no longer dread hail storms because the extensive damage they cause is offset by using sustainable roofing materials. That’s right, I’ve got your attention now!

Today we will take a look at five different types of environmentally friendly roofing that can provide protection and comfort and still benefit the environment.

1) Straw Bale: Straw bale provides a great insulating material for roofs and walls because it has an R-Value of up to 3, which is approximately three times more efficient than wood or concrete block. A straw bale house traps air inside the wall, which makes it harder to conduct heat than it would be with other exterior materials. Since straw bales are made out of dirt and water, they are plentiful resources that can be repurposed post construction, making them more affordable in the long run.

2) Metal Roofs: A metal roof is typically constructed from recycled steel or aluminum. The material will need to be installed on a sturdy frame, but once it is in place you can be sure that it will last for decades. Metal roofs are easy to maintain and durable, so while they may initially cost more than other types of roofs, they will require less maintenance over time.

3) Solar Roof Tiles:   If saving the environment isn’t enough motivation to choose a solar roof, how about the fact that they can actually pay for themselves? Solar tiles are becoming more and more accessible to homeowners as prices continue to decrease. Once installed, the energy these tiles produce will be free and clean.

4) Plant Roof:   A plant roof is another beautiful design option that provides several benefits over traditional roofs. It can be made from a variety of plants such as sedum, which is native to the area. The texture and design of these roofs works well in areas that receive a significant amount of rain or snow. Plant roofs also help to reduce storm water runoff and filter air pollution.

5) Traditional: While not necessarily an “environmentally friendly” roof, traditional roofs can always be used as an option. It is important to maintain your roof and repair any leaks promptly so that you don’t have problems with mold or rot.

When installing a new roof, it is important to seek out a contractor who can help you find the right fit for your home. Many contractors will offer free consultations and estimates. 

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