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The average American homeowner spends about $5,000 a year on insurance. Does your home’s roof fall under that category? It is important to know the answer before you find yourself in need of a new roof. This article will discuss what types of insurance cover roof damage caused by wind and hail storms, how important it is to take care of any damage as soon as possible, and how you should call the professionals at “Local Quality Roofing” to inspect and assist in repairing or replacing your roofing system.

Does home owners insurance cover a roof replacement? The answer is yes and no it really depends on your policy. The best to determine for sure yes or no it to contact professional’s or your insurance company directly and ask.

What is the importance of taking care of any roof damage as soon as possible? One, you will have a better understanding on how to go about purchasing a new roof. Two, it will not cost more in repairs later and three; if there is severe structural damages that cannot be fixed then your insurance company might cover up to 50% or 100%.

Common signs of damage include

Know the signs and symptoms of a roof leak.

-Leakage will show up in places that have not seen rain like near ceilings, windows or patio doors.

-Leaks can also happen when it is raining outside but there are no leaks on the ground.

-Water might be coming through vents or light fixtures because they were installed too close to the edge of your roof which leaves them unprotected from water damage as well as hail storms since most roofs do not cover their entire surface area.

Working with a trusted roofing contractor can help you get the money you deserve from your insurance company for your roof damage repair. But before you hire a contractor to work on your roof, make sure that he is licensed and insured. For the best results, get three or four bids for the job. Make sure that the bids are in writing and include all of the services they will provide (inspections, permits, etc.). Avoid contractors who are not willing to give free inspections or estimates, this could be a bad sign. 

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Ask roofing contractors for references. Call several of the references and make sure that all of them are not related to the contractor or other business associates. Also ask your neighbors about any work they have had done recently by contractors and get names and numbers from them. Any reputable contractor will be happy to provide you with references and information on previously satisfied customers. We have more information and tips and tricks click here to read that article.

Always make sure to have your have your roof inspected by a local roofing company as well as your insurance company if you suspect damage has occurred.

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