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30-year roof shingles are often a homeowner’s first choice for their home, but do they really last that long? We all know that the life of any product can be shortened by weather and other factors. That being said, it is important to understand how much time you will get out of your new investment so let us take an in depth look at this issue further!

Are 30 year roof shingle packages worth the money if only one third might actually make it through their lifespan? This varies from state to state – some homeowners have had theirs go up entirely while others find themselves needing replacements every few years because something has happened. In general though most people assume these roofs should last between 25-30 years. 

Roofing is a very important part of your property that you cannot ignore. You need to make sure it’s taken care of so if there are any issues, they can be addressed as soon as possible – like with the 30-year shingle issue! They last about 10 years on average but when people find out what “30 year” means, many think this roof will keep them safe for 3 decades and then just start falling apart all at once after 20 or 25 years have passed! It’s not true: most roofs don’t even live past 15 years these days.

It’s not just the shingles that are important. Your metal components, like roofing nails and flashing will need inspection too! If these parts rust or corrode then they can become loose which could lead to leaks in your home long before you would expect it. So be sure to call on a professional every year for an inspection of all those nooks and crannies so that nothing slips through the cracks while you’re away enjoying life outside with friends and family this summer time!

The average U.S. roof lasts about 10-20 years, but this time period varies depending on the severity of storms and weather in your area or region. If you live somewhere prone to high winds and severe thunderstorms , it’s especially important that you regularly inspect your roof after any storm for shingle damage, leaks from rainwater accumulation, hail cracks in shingles etc., because these elements can weaken a structure over time if left unchecked – leading them to tear off during subsequent windstorms while also encouraging water buildup which may cause mold issues as well!

You never know when a storm might come through and destroy your roof. If you don’t have it inspected often, then the shingles will deteriorate quickly because they contain asphalt binder that dries out over time. This results in lost granules and fading of color on certain parts of the house’s exterior – if this happens to be happening more than just occasionally, call up a contractor or inspector before things get too bad!

You may be stuck with a leaky roof for the next 15 years because you thought it would last 30.The average lifespan of a roof is 12-15 years, but without maintenance, your shingles could start to wear down as soon as 5 or 6! If that’s not bad enough news then this will make matters worse: roofs usually won’t need any work until they’re 10+. 

For those of you searching for a complete home remodel, look no further. Local Quality Roofing offers everything from roof installation to interior finishing work and more!

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