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Many people are faced with the decision of repairing their roof or replacing it entirely. While patching will never replace a whole roof, you can extend the life of your roof and prevent further damage for some time by patching small leaks and holes. While there is no definite time frame as to when you should patch or replace your roof, more experienced contractors  recommend that for patches, you should replace the roof in ten years or less.

If your roof is old and patched a very large number of times, it may be time to consider a complete replacement. Both procedures have their own pros and Cons that you should need to know before choosing one for your roof.

There are many different ways to replace a roof, the most popular of which is called “patching”. Patching is good because it is quick and easy.
1. Patches can be a lot less expensive than completely replacing the roof, or even getting a new application of shingles. Instead of spending several thousand dollars to have the whole thing fixed, one can spend a couple hundred at most and fix it right up. This is especially important if there is no other option but to do quick fixes over time as opposed to replacing the entire roof.

2. Patches are quick, thick and are cheap.

3.  It will not allow any water damage to occur.

4.Can take less time than having to put a new roof on the entire house


1. patches are not as strong or durable as having the whole thing replaced, and if more leaks occur over time after the repair it will surely be noticeable. Overall, patching is only recommended for small problems that can be fixed quickly, like small holes. Otherwise people need to know that hiring someone to replace the whole thing may be their best option.
2. Patches aren’t strong, need to be done frequently and can still lead to leaks over time.
3. You will most likely have to rent a scaffold to do the work.
Pros and Cons of Replacing:

Roof replacement may be necessary for various reasons some of which includes:
1. Your roof is old, outdated, and needs to be replaced.

2. Your Roof Is Leaking

3. Your shingles are deteriorating or have damage due to hail damage.
1.  Your monthly payments will be higher.
2. If you are not careful, roof replacement can require removing walls and other parts of your home. This might cause more damage than simply repairing the existing roof.

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