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If you need a local roofing contractor, contact our team today and we will arrange to inspect your roof for free, this will allow our team to determine the level of damage it has suffered and it’s overall condition. Following the roof inspection, you will receive an estimate for how much it will cost for your roof replacements. We are known for our transparent pricing system that has been designed to completely eliminate any add-on costs or other hidden fees that are more common with other roofing contractors. Whether you are upgrading an existing residence are building a dream home our team of experts are more than capable of providing you with a cost effective estimate for a newly installed roof. We have decades of experience working with the top home builders in your area and can ensure the best results on any project. Our reputation was built by coordinating with these construction professionals throughout the roof installation process, to ensure a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service to our clients. 


Here's How We Do it

We specialize in providing asphalt shingle roofs for residential buildings shingle roofs provide different benefits to homeowners which include.

  • A level flexibility as shingles can create multiple angles forms and shapes to fit any roofs construction and design. 
  • Shingles come in a wide variety of architectural styles and designs meaning whatever the homeowners preference may be they can choose color options that blend seamlessly which your environment as well as your home’s exterior. 
  • Combining functionality and price, shingles are by far the most cost-effective roofing solution in the long term. 
  • What do you choose a dark, medium, or light shade shingles are energy efficient and provide an automatic cooling effect. 
  • Shingles are easy to install which dramatically reduce the cost of roof replacements. 
  • Shingles also have a level of soundproofing which helps reduce exterior noise entering the homes environment. 
  • Every roof have a lifetime so in the event you need your shingles repaired curled are missing shingles are very affordable to fix. 
  • if you have features on your reflex card at stormers and chimneys shingles are easily integrated. 
  • Many of our customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and as a consequence they ask us to source shingles that are made from recyclable materials this is easily done.

    If you want to schedule and visit from our estimator to discuss roof replacements, contact us today either by phone or over the internet. Our experts understand that new two roofs are the same, we measure each on site and during your consultation an estimate will be given. We provide fully customized estimates that are based on our level of expertise and on a personal measurement of your property.

    A standard replacement will include replacing any shingles, underlay, rotting roof decking, etc. We will also replace any caulking, flashing etc. If we encounter any ridge vents they will be replaced too. If we cannot replace the roof vents we will talk to your contractor about installing more modern vents. When you’ve made your decision about your roof replacements and you’ve chosen the local quality roofing company. At this point you will select your single color and style and you will be provided with addresses in your locality of roofs that we’ve recently completed. This is important as it allows you can see exactly what the shingles and colors will look like following your roof replacement.

    After selecting the single of choice your job will be scheduled under a mutually agreed timeline if you have a specific request to visit the time and date every effort will be made to work within your time frame. Once you project is completed a final inspection will be done and your payment will be requested. Rest assured that a meticulous site clean up is done as part of our service as we treat your property as you do our own and strives to leave it cleaner than we found it.

Common Signs A Roof Replacement Is Needed

Poor shingle condition

If you’re shingles are starting to crack, blister, curl or have become loose or missing a roof replacement may be necessary. Asphalt shingles have been designed with a granular covering This serves two purposes, it gives the shingle is attractive appearance but also protects the surface of your roof. A seal is placed at the edge of all shingles this is meant to prevent wind from lifting them and blowing them off your roof.

Caulking and flashing damage

Most flashing is me either made from galvanized copper are aluminium your caulking has been installed around your flashing edge it’s purpose is to seal the flashing against either the siding or the brick of your home. As your roof ages issues occur with your flashing that can be repaired if caught on time this is done by recalking occasionally flashing only be replaced especially if you are doing a full roof replacement.

Roof is starting to warp or buckle

50% of the roof replacements we do every year as a consequence of water damaging the wood underneath the shingles most of this is because shingles have rotted and are no longer waterproof. Unless you get your roof regularly inspected it’s highly unlikely that you will spot any leaks before the damage is done. You could inspect your roof from the inside or from the outside for example if you go into your attic during the daytime any light that’s shining into the darkness is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with the integrity of your roof. This should be done at least once a year over the lifetime of your roof another sign that you’re having issues is when you can clearly see your roof is buckled or warped

Raleigh's Go To Source For Roof Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

If you think your roof has been damaged by hail, or strong winds, we’re the roofing contractor you can trust to assess your damage, provide an estimate and repair or replace your roof using proven products. We’re experienced in providing roof estimates for damage claims and we have professionals on staff who can help you navigate through the insurance claims process.

We provide roof inspections and free estimates for roof repair and replacement services in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. For more information on all the services we provide click here.

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